SF Auto, sharing our passion with our people. Selling vehicles with enthusiasm within our no pressure environment. We are  fully regulated and licensed by OMVIC. All SF Auto vehicles are eligible  for warranty, safety and certification. We pride ourselves on our love for cars, and with that pride we guarantee satisfaction. Come visit Joey and Nick anytime, for coffee, car talk, or a test drive. 



SF Auto is my dream. it was always a industry i desired to be involved in, from the time my father opened his small Auto shop in Etobicoke Ontario, in 1989, to the purchase of my first car when i was 18, to the purchase of my 25th car when i was 27 (not a typo). I knew this was not just a hobby, but it was my life. 4 years of University,  5 years in Corporate Sales,  2 Years in Executive Management, i had finally had enough. I was tired of selling products i didn't believe in, to people whose only interest was the bottom dollar. I decided to leave the life i was told is the "right path", and put everything i have into something i actually believe in. SF Auto is part of me, I will dedicate the rest of my career to providing the service and passion to any and every customer that walks into my door. No sales tactics, no pressure, just a former corporate professional who loves cars, and loves to drive. I hope you find what you are looking for, and feel free to reach out anytime.


Joey Simonetta


My name is Nick Foglia. During my spare time I enjoy working on the 1966 Chevelle I built with my father and riding my custom motorcycle I personally built. During my adolescent and teenage years I spent most of my time focusing on sports and school. I was fortunate to play hockey in the OHL for the Ottawa 67’s and Brampton Battalions. I then enrolled in the University of Guelph-Humber and graduated with honors in Business Administration specializing in Finance. Since I was a child I had a burning desire for cars and motorcycles as my mother always said "I may own 2 wheels before I own 4". I worked in several different industries including Food and Beverage, Retail, Custodial and the Corporate setting. Nothing could accommodate my passion for cars and goal of making my customers truly happy and appreciated. This is why creating SF Auto remains to be the purest fulfillment in my professional career.  I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the SF Auto family. 


Nick Foglia